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Honey, Harvests, & Happiness

Welcome to our happy place!

Founded in 2017

by LJ and Scott 

Safety & Fun Are Our Top Priorities!

Please read the Bee Hugger Farm’s



Everyday Farm Visits

Come enjoy our spacious 6 acres of bee-lightful land on your time! Entering the farm is completely FREE, with the option of adding various experiences and products for a low cost. Most experiences (aside from large group farm rentals and photographers) require no appointment or pre-booking; just come and bee during our farm hours, 8am to dark! The Bee Hugger Farm comprises of 6 acres of open land to enjoy, unique and vintage things to explore, gorgeous Colorado plains to view, and animals to come and say hello to! We also have farm products available for purchase in the yellow VW bus, and always have fresh honey available. Come by and look for the big parking sign; we also kindly ask that you carpool, if possible, in order to maximize our limited parking spaces. Additionally, please consider purchasing farm products and/or contributing towards our time and efforts. We grow sunflowers, pumpkins, and offer year-round pony rides and farm rentals. We also sell Christmas trees and offer Santa visits seasonally. 

 Come and Bee!



The Bee Hugger hosts musical and various other types of fundraisers that are open to the public.  To keep informed of these fun outdoor events, see our calendar!

Year Round Happenings


All visitors are welcome! Experiences and photography opportunities are open here at Bee Hugger year-round; come feed animals, climb tractors, explore the farm and its unique vintage style, say hello to the bees, and try our fresh honey! When visiting the farm please read our guidelines and consider contributing towards our efforts and your experience. You can do so by visiting the Yellow VW Bus to purchase our Bee products, or leave a donation. For photographers , cameras, and groups interested in farm experiences, please reach out by clicking the button below!

Book The Farm


Here at The Bee Hugger, we have options for customized farm rentals including fundraisers, backyard rentals, school groups, company picnics, birthday parties, celebrations, and family experiences.  For large events (100 people maximum), we offer entire farm rentals.  Spread out over our 6-acre farm with plenty of space to get creative, take fun photos, enjoy our animals, and explore our rustic and charming farm.  Whether you desire to host music, play yard games, barbecue, do yoga, or have a company picnic, we have the space!

**Please note that we have limited seating and table options.  Please review our farm agreement before booking. Add-ons are also available, including pony rides, hayrides, back yard, and camper photo booth. **

Seasonal Happenings


Come on by and enjoy our annual U-pick sunflower field, hayrides, pumpkin patch in late summer and early fall.  Christmas tree lot throughout the holidays, and Deliver Your letter to Santa events begin late November. Check our calendar for special event dates.



We have a total of 44 animals here at the Bee Hugger, including horses, foals, peacocks, chickens, goats, a donkey, and more!

Our animals love visitors.  Come on by, purchase some animal feed from the farm, and get close and personal with the animals. No appointment needed 

(except for large groups). Visiting with the animals, observing the bees, and learning about the farm is a big part of every experience. Come on by and meet our furry and feathered friends! 



Shop from our home grown, farm fresh, and locally sourced products! From simply raw honey to creamed flavor and other bee and farm products, the Bee Hugger Farm is your one stop shop for natural goods grown with nothing but happiness. While you are visiting, be sure to ask the farmer if there are any fresh eggs! 

Santa's Love

Deliver Your Letter to Santa Event

Visit with Santa in a simple, sweet, and vintage farm setting. 

Event Calendar


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