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Our Story

It all started with a VW bus and a basket full of sunflowers. Since 2007, we have been keeping bees, growing sunflowers and bringing joy to our communities. Coming from Lyons and Boulder and finally to our current farm in Longmont, we have found our happy place here. The Bee Hugger seeks to provide enriching  safe, quirky, and fun experiences to all those who visit. It is truly a choose-your-own-adventure farm experience, where kids can have hands-on, full sensory experiences like feeding animals, riding ponies, climbing on tractors, jumping on hay bales, exploring the fields, and making life - long memories. Our hope is that people leave The Bee Hugger Farm a little happier and brighter than when they came.

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It's been said that this property has some of the oldest farm structures in all of Longmont, dating back to the mid 1800s. The current property is a tiny piece of the 1000 acre original farm that belonged to a pioneer couple who settled here and opened a general store in what we now call Downtown Longmont. Jim Hamm was the son of the owners and died in Vietnam so the family donated much of the property to Boulder County as open space. The rest is what we now call the Bee Hugger and has been since 2019. 

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We Give Back!

Here at the farm, we care a lot about helping out the world in whatever ways that we can. Annually, we donate a portion of our sales and farm experiences to non-profit organizations, including: 

- TLC Learning Center

- Healthy Childcare CO

- Intercombio

- RISE against suicide

- Numerous hospices


- Good Life Refuge

- Project Vets

The Bee Hugger Farm plans on continuing to give to these non-profits, and to various new partners as well! 


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Here at the Bee Hugger Farm, our mission is simple. We hope to provide a healthy and abundant foraging habitat for all pollinators, plants, and animals alike, as well create a safe and enriching place for anyone who comes by. Join us today!

Our Mission

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