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Full Farm Rental

Spread out over our 6-acre farm for any event or celebration!

Service Description

Our space can be used for large events 100 max at a time unless otherwise discussed. Spread out over our 6-acre farm for your event. There is plenty of space to get creative, take fun photos, enjoy our animals, and explore our rustic and charming farm! Whether you desire to host music, play yard games, have the pumpkin patch to yourself, BBQ, do yoga, have a large company picnic, etc., we have the space. Please note that we have limited seating/table options, and we ask that everyone reviews our farm agreements before attending. For large events we may ask you to hire our peaceful security to help with parking and safety. Carpooling is highly encouraged. Add-ons are available (i.e., Pony Rides, Hayrides, Use of kitchen, Back Yard, Camper Photo Booth, etc.) Children welcomed with 100% supervision. Starting price is $150/hr. Host must review and sign the agreement. Host is also responsible for sharing farm agreements with their guests. Farm agreements:

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